Hi :) I tried to use my custom materials in gazebo. I referred this link. https://rds.theconstructsim.com/tc_projects/use_project_share_link/a1b0c75d-8336-42a9-b7cb-833d03b8ad8b

I created same structure, but my picture is not appeared.

One interesting thing is that I replaced floor.png file to my picture file. I renamed my picture file to floor.png. But, In RDS gazebo, floor is still not changed.

Could you help me?

asked 08 Jun '18, 00:31

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alt text

@kkjong, we have deployed the Materials solution in Production. We launched one simulation, but could you indicate which launch exactly is it so that we can validate that its working? Thank you very much.

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answered 20 Jun '18, 17:01

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Hello @kkjong,

I can't visualize your project since the share link expires after 24 hours.

Could you provide more information about your problem?


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answered 12 Jun '18, 15:43

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Hi @marcoarruda :)

My project : https://rds.theconstructsim.com/tc_projects/use_project_share_link/79e414cd-f2cd-45eb-a3e5-a20cd9f0e7cb

Reference project : https://rds.theconstructsim.com/tc_projects/use_project_share_link/8f1f16fa-450b-4774-93f1-a9e136edc796

When I run the turtlebot3_autorace.launch in my project, I can't see my pictures.

First, I created my RDS project and download my pkg using github on simulation_ws/src.

This pkgs is working well on my labtop. But, In RDS, my material is not appeared.

(14 Jun '18, 05:58) kkjong

Its solved at least the issue of the materials, could you give us more details on how to launch your project and see if there are other issues? @kkjong

(20 Jun '18, 17:12) duckfrost@gm... ♦♦

Hi @kkjong, We have found a solution to your issue, we will deploy it in the production system as soon as possible, Sorry for the inconvenience

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answered 16 Jun '18, 18:50

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duckfrost@gm... ♦♦
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