Hi :) I have a another problem. I tested the turtlebot3 pkgs in RDS. https://github.com/ROBOTIS-GIT/turtlebot3 When I run the emtpy.world with turtlebot3 in gazebo, turtlebot3_buger is no problem, but base model of turtlebot3_waffle or waffle_pi is not appeared. only I can see the wheels and LDS model. Then, It just does not appear, but it moves when I control.

I assume that the size of the stl file is a problem.

This is my project : https://rds.theconstructsim.com/tc_projects/use_project_share_link/994f3662-314c-4d10-a658-d44379360956

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asked 15 Jun '18, 08:58

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Hello @kkjong,

A problem with materials was identified and fixed in our system. Although meshes should be rendering as usual. We have also a tutorial showing how to use Turtlebot3 in RDS and it works without any problems, you can check it here. There is a possibility something is missing.

One thing you can try is to save your project, open it again and relaunch the simulation.

By the way, can you provide me a fresh new link to your project? This one has expired already.

I'll check with our engineers team if this kind of problem happened and I'll provide you a more detailed answer.


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answered 20 Jun '18, 00:31

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Hello @kkjong,

The issue we have identified in our system related to the materials problem was solved!

You should not have the same problem anymore.

You can try to reload your project and relaunch the simulation, if something strange happens (let's say it can happen 0.1% of the cases). This should work.

Please, let me know if you have any other problems in RDS.


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answered 20 Jun '18, 22:36

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