In this exercise I'm supposed to create a controller of rrbot. And when I launch my launch file there is an error. All the other files are provided by the coure, so there must be mistakes in my launch file.


<rosparam file="$(find my_controller)/config/my_controller.yaml" command="load"/>

<node name="controller_spawner" pkg="controller_manager" type="spawner" respawn="false" output="screen" ns="/rrbot" args="joint1_position_controller joint2_position_controller joint_state_controller"/>

<node name="robot_state_publisher" pkg="robot_state_publisher" type="robot_state_publisher" respawn="false" output="screen"> <remap from="/joint_states" to="/rrbot/joint_states"/> </node>


And here is the Output [INFO] [1534430389.412541, 0.000000]: Controller Spawner: Waiting for service controller_manager/load_controller [INFO] [1534430389.420019, 0.000000]: Controller Spawner: Waiting for service controller_manager/switch_controller [INFO] [1534430389.430024, 0.000000]: Controller Spawner: Waiting for service controller_manager/unload_controller [INFO] [1534430389.441650, 7312.924000]: Loading controller: joint1_position_controller [ERROR] [1534430390.460963, 7313.950000]: Failed to load joint1_position_controller [INFO] [1534430390.461646, 7313.950000]: Loading controller: joint2_position_controller [INFO] [1534430390.573240, 7314.060000]: Loading controller: joint_state_controller [INFO] [1534430390.581980, 7314.068000]: Controller Spawner: Loaded controllers: joint2_position_controller, joint_state_controller [INFO] [1534430390.585388, 7314.071000]: Started controllers: joint2_position_controller, joint_state_controller

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From the output, it seems that the controller for joint2 is loaded, but not joint1. And looking at the config .yaml file, joint1 is using the customized controller, right?

After running catkin_make, check whether your custom controller has been properly registered by using the following command:

$ rospack plugins --attrib=plugin controller_interface

If everything has gone well, you should see your plugin my_controller in the output list. Let us know if its there or not.

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Thank you.

I've checked that my controller was actually there, but i still could not launch it. And the error is still "Failed to load joint1_position_controller"


(20 Aug '18, 09:37) peixuan_gao@...

What's in your my_controller.yaml file?

(20 Aug '18, 10:11) arixrobotics

I have the same issue here. The provided solution code doesn't work.

I feel like that somewhere in the custom controller goes wrong. If I replace "my_controller/PositionController" in .yaml file with "effort_controllers/JointPositionController", it can be launched.

Thanks for your time!

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