So I looked at the solution to the miniproject for unit 4 and I understand the code. However, I am confused about how they knew to go to msg.ranges[360] or msg.ranges[719]. Where do the values 360 or 719 come from and how did you figure out those values?

Thank you

asked 26 Sep '18, 17:03

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You can see that the ranges has the size of 720.

You can see that with: print len(msg.ranges)

Since there are 720, it goes from 0 to 719, with the middle point of the array being the index 360.

If it's still not clear, just let us know.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 21:13

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So would you just run that in the python script or is there any way you can find that out with the command line?

(27 Sep '18, 17:40) sicalabneu

Using rostopic echo /topic_name you should be able to see as well, but it would be a bit trick to count the ranges that way. In python would be easier just with the code mentioned in the answer.

(27 Sep '18, 18:22) ralves@theco... ♦♦

The closes one you can get using only the shell is the command below, but the value is 721: rostopic echo /kobuki/laser/scan -n1| grep ranges | wc --words

(27 Sep '18, 19:07) ralves@theco... ♦♦


where I can see the solution to this MiniProject of unit 4?

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answered 17 Nov '18, 14:47

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