I'm wondering whether I can fit into the requirement of the ambassador program, then thought I want some clarification:

Q1. (from here)

"3. Hold MeetUps at your selected place once per month"

Is this "month" designated by the academy, or can this be chosen arbitrary on the ambassador's side?


  1. You will have to commit to the program for three months

Does this need to be 3 consecutive months, or can it be any 3 months with some short intervals? Is there a room for negotiation?

I AM able to forsee my schedule at least a month in advance, so I can guarantee to hold a meetup when the schedule of my projected next month allows. But because I do not have control over my schedule, in some months I wouldn't be able to hold a meetup at all, resulting in difficulty in holding meetups over 3 months back to back.

Q3. Small thing; Is there a room for the ambassadors to set the meetup title for what they think the most reasonable in their local community?

In the area I'm interested in holding a meetup (Sacramento, CA, US) I do not forsee many interest if the title is based on "ROS", but I know robotics does get attention based on my experience at a local hacker place.


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about the ROS Ambassadors programs, the schedule is very strict because we receive a lot of people requests and we cannot handle unless there is a fixed structure. I'm sorry to inform you that we cannot make exceptions because otherwise we will become crazy. It is just a matter of been able to handle the program with so many people in so many countries with so many different situations.

So, the program lasts for 3 months only. It is about ROS. Once you enroll the program, you have to do 1 video on the first two weeks, and one MeetUp on the other two weeks. You repeat that process for the other two months. Main subject for the videos and MeetUps are fixed, even if you can tweak it a little. For instance, on the first month you have to talk about ROS basics. So you can either talk about making a robot move through a topic, or making a robot perform a routine when a service is called.

There cannot be modifications on the timing. Once you enter the program you get out of it in 3 months, because there is a queue of other people wanting to enter. So if you cannot commit to the 3 months period, then it is better not to do it.

At present that is all that we can offer.

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