Hello, I was trying to compile the solution but received following error: fatal error: iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory/ExecTraj.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. When I do "roscd iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory" it gives: "/home/simulations/public_sim_ws/src/all/iri_wam/iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory$" I believe it should be: ""opt/ros/kinetic/share/iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory

Can somebody tell me how to resolve this? Thanks

asked 17 Jun, 14:00

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Hi @awanthasyahoocom, could you please share the code you're using? It seems something in your code is causing this error. To share the code here, just write "```" on a line, go to the next line and paste your code from the IDE, and then write "```" on the next line, like:


# your code here


(19 Jun, 09:36) bayodesegun@...

Code is shared in the following as an answer.

(19 Jun, 13:30) awanthas@yah...

Hi, Following is the code: '''

include "ros/ros.h"

include "iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory/ExecTraj.h"

include <ros package.h="">

// This ros::package::getPath works in the same way as $(find name_of_package) // in the launch files. // trajectory.request.file = // ros::package::getPath("iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory") + // "/config/get_food.txt";

// Import the service message used by the service /gazebo/delete_model

int main(int argc, char **argv) { ros::init( argc, argv, "service_client"); // Initialise a ROS node with the name service_client ros::NodeHandle nh;

// Create the connection to the service /gazebo/delete_model ros::ServiceClient execute_traj_service = nh.serviceClient<iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory::exectraj>( "/execute_trajectory"); iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory::ExecTraj srv; // Create an object of type DeleteModel

srv.request.file = ros::package::getPath("iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory") + "/config/get_food.txt";

if (execute_traj_service.call(srv)) // Send through the

{ ROS_INFO("%s", srv.response.status_message.c_str()); } else { ROS_ERROR("Failed to call service delete_model"); return 1; }

return 0; }



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answered 19 Jun, 13:29

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Hi, cannot read this code properly. Can you download the code from the IDE and send to me via email?

(20 Jun, 09:15) bayodesegun@...
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